Packetsense IRC

Drama Need Not Join Here

About Us

Packetsense IRC started in 2010 as a place for the Glitch.FM radio station. It's open for anyone to register a channel.


On Packetsense, we use the up-to-date versions of the Charybdis IRCD and the Atheme IRC services. After looking at several different IRCD and services packages, this two seemed to offer the most useful features with the least nonsense.

The intent of this network is to provide fast & reliable service without much need for intervention in channels by network staff.

If you're looking for a place with drama, go someplace else. If you bring your drama here, you'll be asked to leave.

Network staff don't have much time to give hand-holding or spoonfeeding-style support. If you do have ircd, services, or network-specific questions, please join #help.